Monday, May 10, 2010

New beginnings

"This may sound crazy...better yet....well just crazy...but for the longest time I have dreamed of Italy. Rome, Naples, Venice....the list goes on and on...Then I saw it, my favorite Chef on the cooking channel did a special on CAPRI (I found out it is not pronounced like the drink) and I fell in love....Now I am on a mission to make it there. How can this be accomplished on such a meager dreamer income? Well that's where I pull out the big guns, or should I say the big man in my life, the one who I consult with for my logic, my strategy, my ambition. make a long story short, we are going to collect DIMES....Even if it takes us 20 years, we are going to fill our dime container up until we hit our goal (amount unknown at this time...Keep up and we will get a figure). Today we started our first mission, we collected cans from a neighborhood park (I know kinda grose), but look at it this way....I got a nice healthy refreshing walk, my heart is healthy, we got to chat and enjoy each others company and we helped keep America looking good (Hoot Hoot)!!!Yes, Woodsie Owl would totally be happy today. So...we will take a journey and see where we end up...It better be CAPRI....I am counting on the face of Franklin D. Roosevelt... to get us there....Wish us luck.....
"The dime is a coin worth 10 cents, or one tenth of a United States dollar("


  1. You soooo sold out on and I were supposed to take this trip..remember save ten a week? Well, it's on..hubby and I are gonna save our quarters..let's see who gets there faster :P

  2. LOL I totally forget :( I told W.D. that I have to take it's on...We will see who gets there first..Better yet...Let's go together..all 4 of us...