Monday, May 31, 2010

Off again

Ok..I know I am breaking my promise of "just a little something each day." But I am here now and of course the picture to the left is not Italy, we were in South Dakota and I absolutely fell in love. We packed so much stuff into a 6 day trip, but it was worth every moment. We went to the Sioux Falls..breathtaking..We traveled to the Laura Ingals Homestead, the Corn Palace, The Black Hills, Custer Park..and of course Mt. Rushmore. It was so nice to just have the time with my family and make many memories.
Tomorrow I am off to another trip, this time for work. We are going to Florida, I have only been there once and that was to visit Disney World. Another fun and amazing trip. But....although I will cherrish and love my state side trips I still can't wait to get to Italy. We are still collecting our cans and dimes...Wish us luck.
The knowledge of the day:
September, October, April, May are the most appealing months in terms of weather, wether you plan to travel to north or to South of the country.July and August are very hot, that could appeal for people looking for a sea-beach holiday, but is a troubled time for excursions, especially for people coming from countries with summer not so hot.Consider the temperatures ranging from 30° - 40° C.January and February are the coldest months, but you could also have fine days, especially in the Southern area of the country.

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